Atlanta Creative Underground


  When people think Atlanta, they think country, slow and outdated, when this couldn't be further from the truth. Atlanta is the home to countless artist, entertainers, authors, counter culture and creatives. It is a place where  creativity not only resides but rather thrives. Whether it be Dr. Dax and FRKO throwing up beautiful street art, D.L. Warfield curating his amazing works in our galleries or a def house event Atlanta is definitely a force to be reckon with.

    Most of Atlanta's best events get no recognition via usual media sources, you almost have to have a 6th sense for realness to find yourself at some of these events. Atlanta creatives are very protective of their crafts as well as their city and can immediately identify outsiders or vultures. But when the time comes and you find yourself connected to Atlanta's creative underworld just like a drug you will be hooked. 

    The Atlanta creative scene can be looked upon as inclusive but that is also not true, as I said they are just protective of their integrity. It's almost as if pretenders are organically weeded out and the ones who have true love for culture on any level are excepted with open arms and treated like family. The Atlanta creative underground is very tight knit so once you navigate your way in just be prepared for the wild ride of creativity from there on out.